Point Break Heists DLC Available For Payday 2 On December 3rd


A brand new set of DLC will be made available for Payday 2 players from tomorrow, December 3rd. The Point Break Heists Pack will be joined by the free Bodhi pack to give the game some fresh content just in time for the holidays.

Point Break Heists will cost players $6.99 (£5.00) and will provide them with two brand new heists and an extra ten achievements to seek out. The pack will also include a new secondary weapon, six extra songs and additional masks, patterns and materials for the in-game characters. Finally, the content will also provide gamers with a new contact, whom Overkill introduced in their pre-release information:

Vernon Locke heads Murkywater’s special cyberwarfare division, which has been tasked with infiltrating and destroying Crime.net.However, being a mercenary with no loyalties that extra money couldn’t bend, Locke sees this as an opportunity. An opportunity to get rich, and cause a little chaos. He has reached out to Bain and the Payday gang. The deal? Work with him, or he brings Crime.net down forever. And he already has a couple of jobs for you…

The Bodhi pack, meanwhile, will add Bodhi as a newly playable character as well as offering a new sniper rifle, melee weapon and extra perks and masks for the character. Both DLC packs will be available as of December 3rd, as Overkill look to move past the fiasco which recently saw them have to apologize for misuse of micro-transactions for players in Payday 2.