Poison Ivy Takes Root In New Injustice 2 Trailer


With the release of Injustice 2 being right around the corner, it comes as no surprise that some last minute hype be built for NetherRealm Studios’ latest superpowered brawler. In fact, several character specific trailers have dropped in recent memory, each focusing on the more villainous types, namely Cheetah, Catwoman, Captain Cold and Scarecrow. Okay, so maybe Selina Kyle exists in more of a grey area, but you get the picture.

The latest to join that club actually continues that villainous theme, with it being none other than Poison Ivy. Needless to say, the fan favorite femme fatale makes a most welcome addition to the Injustice family and looks to bring a deadly move set along with her. To be honest, her “Super Move” may be among the most painful looking the game has to offer.

Maybe it’s just me, but I did find some amusement in seeing that Bane and Robin were among those Pamela Isley was mainly taking out her frustrations on in the footage provided. And while I’m fully aware that’s Damian Wayne and not Dick Grayson under the hood, I can’t help but feel like she’s getting some much needed revenge for having to be featured in Batman & Robin twenty years back. If Mr. Freeze had showed up delivering some ice puns, this would’ve been too perfect.

Joking aside, it should be interesting to see how the character factors into this brave new world. If anything, that’s one more reason we have to pay close attention to the upcoming prequel comics.

Injustice 2 arrives in stores on May 16th.