Pokemon X And Y 2DS Bundles Are Just Days Away

Pokemon 2DS Bundles

For those wanting nothing to do with the 2DS’s plasticky, chunky, and decidedly Fisher Price-y look and feel, it may be hard to imagine the system as anything more than a cheaply-made Mario and Pokemon peddler. Nintendo, meanwhile, takes no issue openly admitting that fact, and continues to do so with today’s 2DS-centric announcements. According to Big N, Pokemon X and Y 2DS bundles are coming to the US, and will be widely available December 6th. That’s just two days from now!

In typical Nintendo fashion, each system is paired with the inversely-corresponding Pokemon title. In other words, there will be one bundle with a blue 2DS and a copy of Pokemon Y (red), while the other will contain a red 2DS and a copy of Pokemon X (blue). Like red but hate blue? Too bad! Guess you’re buying both.

On top of that, the first bundle is a Target exclusive, while the other is a Toy R’ Us exclusive. Realistically, most folks probably won’t make too much of a fuss over colors, or if they do they will choose based on console color rather than preferred version of the game. It’s a mystery to me why there won’t be bundles for Amazon and other retailers as well, but perhaps those are coming.

All said and done, this is definitely the cheapest (and for some probably the best) way to get in on Pokemon X and Y, not to mention the 3DS ecosystem as a whole. At $150 a pop, these are pretty much impulse territory, especially during the holidays. If Nintendo isn’t on your Christmas list this year and you don’t trust yourself not to pull the trigger on a whim, I’d advise steering clear of the toy isle. Or holiday shopping in general.