Pokemon Developer Game Freak Hiring For New Console RPG

Pokemon developer Game Freak has posted two job listings looking for 3D CG designers who have prior experience with making character models on Wii U and PS Vita and who are familiar with the software program Maya. Spotted by Siliconera, one of the listings stipulates that the successful applicant will be involved with the “development of a globally popular RPG,” and be required to create “cartoon-like super deformed characters, monsters and item models,” as well as general work involving debugging and the like.

The second listing, which is largely similar to the first, involves a new title and specifies that applicants must have experience with the aforementioned existing platforms, with the contracts for both positions due to end in May next year at the very latest.

Well then, considering that Game Freak is best known for creating the long-running series of handheld Pokemon titles, to think that these job openings could be for anything else does, at this point, seem to be rather naive, especially when one considers that rumors of a Nintendo Switch version of Pokemon Sun and Moon – renamed Pokemon Stars – have been circulating since late last year (thanks, Eurogamer).

Of course, rumors are exactly that until stated otherwise, but this certainly seems to align with those previous whispers. Interesting, too, is that the Wii U and Vita are specifically mentioned. In what context applicants are supposed to have previous experience for isn’t clear, but considering both devices have features that allow the transition of play from one screen to another, it’s not a stretch to imagine that Game Freak is hiring with the hybrid nature of the Switch in mind.

We’ll have to wait and see where this road leads, but assuming the above is accurate, it certainly looks as if the Switch will be home to a Pokemon title in the future. Could we see a reveal during E3? Fingers crossed.

Source: Siliconera