‘Pokémon’ fans debate exactly what they want from remakes

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Pokémon fans have banded together to finally determine what makes a great remake and highlighted that they didn’t exactly get the same through all the titles that were launched in 2021.

In a post on Reddit, fans have compared all of the Pokémon remakes we’ve received over the years including Fire Red and Leaf Green, Soul Silver and Heart Gold, Omega Ruby and Alpha Saphire, and of course the most recent remakes, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

The biggest change that fans have cited for making a great remake is providing new content. It would seem that fans aren’t after an exact remake, but instead desire some new additions to freshen things up. This was achieved in all of the remakes, though some have done it better than others.

As one commenter detailed, the first three generations of remakes provided fans with both new content and more competitive experiences that weren’t available in their original version. The best example of this is Omega Ruby and Alpha Saphire, which gave fans a new zone with novel stories and unique characters.

While there were new systems implemented, fans don’t seem impressed with Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl that chose to provide an experience as close to the original as possible. One Redditor pointed out that while the game has plenty in common with Pokémon Platinum, the lack of a Giratina-focused post-game feels like a missed opportunity.

These are all of the remakes from over the years, but during Gen. V, fans were treated to sequels with Black and White 2. It seems fans would be eager to see more sequels in the future that will continue the story in a familiar region without attempting to simply recreate the originals.

Here is what other fans had to say.

You can check out more of the discussion on the Pokémon subreddit here.

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