Pokemon GO Fest Attendees Given Free Legendary As Apology For Technical Issues


Niantic celebrated Pokemon GO turning one year old over the weekend as part of the mobile title’s first ever fan festival in Grant Park, Chicago, but thanks to a series of crippling technical issues, not everything went according to plan.

Just prior to it kicking off last week, the developer confirmed via a spiffy new trailer that the event would, at long last, mark the arrival of legendary Pokemon in-game, a prospect that, unsurprisingly, saw fans in their thousands turn up on the day to be a part of Pokemon GO history. The landmark occasion was supposed to have been a reward for Trainers – both at the event and worldwide – who managed to collaboratively achieve the goals set by Niantic prior to the event’s beginning.

A major component of the task was for players to catch as many ‘Mons as possible within a specified time limit, a straightforward requirement that ultimately became borderline impossible for attendees, due to frequent disconnects, crashes and the inability to log in whatsoever. The situation only worsened when hosts attempted to power through by ignoring jeers and boos from the crowd, cringe-worthy footage of which you can see above (via bobvids).

Niantic eventually managed to resolve many of the issues affecting those in the park but nevertheless announced later in the day that it would be offering compensation to all those affected. Besides offering refunds on all tickets purchased, registered attendees are to be gifted $100’s worth of PokeCoins, as well as the legendary Pokemon Lugia, which will be directly added to applicable accounts.

All those who were present at Pokemon GO Fest will no doubt be disappointed at the way things turned out, but kudos to Niantic for offering compensation in such a timely manner. As for those still without one, the legendary birds Articuno and Lugia are now available to catch worldwide as part of the game’s Raids feature, although you’ll have to defeat them first. Good luck!