Pokemon Crossover Game Will Release For Nintendo DS

The newest Pokemon game, titled Nobunaga’s Ambition X Pokemon, revealed itself at Jump Festa, premiering images of the new crossover between Pokemon and the Nobunga’s Ambition series, “a turn-based strategy RPG series involving real battles in Japanese history by Koei Tecmo.”

Jump Festa is an annual anime and manga festival held in Japan, and fittingly, Nobunaga’s Ambition X Pokemon will release in Japan in 2012. Curiously – the game will be for Nintendo DS, not Nintendo 3DS.

Promotional images from Jump Festa, captured by NintendoFuse, show “Sengoku-period generals teaming up with Pokemon.” Specifically in the picture above, we see generals teamed up with Eevee, Zekrom and Jigglypuff.

There’s no word yet on whether this game will come to the United States, but I’d say it’s safe to argue that it will. Almost every Pokemon game comes to the U.S. This probably won’t be an exception, even though it’s clearly tailored to a Japanese audience who knows their local history.

As a lifelong Pokemon fan and admirer, I pray that this game comes to the U.S., and as a non-admirer of 3DS, I’m happy that my DS Lite will do just fine. Let us know what you think about Nobunaga’s Ambition X Pokemon in the comments.

Source: NintendoFuse