Pokemon GO Starts Rolling Out; Now Available In Japan And Australia

Pokemon Go

Nintendo’s augmented reality mobile game Pokemon GO has begun rolling out to several territories around the world. As of yesterday, potential Pokemon masters in Australia and Japan can now download the title on iOS and Android devices and start wandering the real world equipped with their mobile device to start capturing, training and trading whatever it is they find.

While it may not be officially available in Europe or North America just yet, there are some sneaky workarounds out there that will enable you to play it early, but if you find the hassle not worth it, don’t fret – you won’t have much longer to wait.

Interest in Pokemon GO has surged ever since Nintendo unveiled its plans for the mobile-only title, which encourages players to scour their local streets and parks for critters to discover. To make sure you never miss such an opportunity, a separate accessory (pictured above) is available to buy for $35, which enables you to catch ‘Mons with a simple button press without having to unlock your phone.

Pokemon GO is now free-to-play with optional micro-transactions, and we’ll be sure to update this post when Nintendo confirms an official North American release.