Pokemon GO Stadium Event Heads To Japan On August 14

There truly appears to be no end in sight for Niantic’s first anniversary celebrations for Pokemon GO. As per ComicBook.com, the developer has recently updated the mobile title’s event page with more details in regards to a mysterious ‘Stadium’ event due to be held in Japan.

The occasion is locked in for commencement on August 14, where groups of Trainers will be let into a specially refurbished Yokohama Stadium to participate in, well, nobody except Niantic knows those answers just yet. In fact, the only real information we have to go on is that players are required to be level 5 or higher in order to take part. Given that the recently released Raids feature has the same requirement, it’s probably safe to assume that participants will be teaming up to take on larger than life Pocket Monsters.

For those already looking to book their flight to the Land of the Rising Sun in preparation, beware that you’ll only be granted entry to the event by booking in advance. Assuming your application is successful, an email will be sent to confirm a time slot for both you and three others that wish to attend. Interestingly, the event guidelines state that those you invite don’t need to be active Pokemon GO players, so who knows what Niantic has planned behind closed doors.

Whatever the outcome, we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as Niantic shares more details for both the Stadium and returning Pikachu Outbreak celebrations from last year.

For those in the States or Europe not willing to drop a large chunk of cash on a plane ticket, remember that Pokemon GO Fest and so-called Safari Zone events are being held in each respective territory throughout July and August. See here for all the important details.