Pokemon Go’s Adventure Week Event Kicks Off May 18, Here’s What It Does

Pokemon Go developer Niantic undoubtedly has something special up its sleeve for the mobile game’s upcoming first anniversary, but that doesn’t mean Trainers aren’t being given plenty of smaller-scale events to tide them over until July. Case in point: Adventure Week. Due to kick off later this week on May 18, the latest limited-time affair to arrive on Pokemon Go‘s shores offers a whole host of handy benefits and boots to your daily rituals, not least a 50% discount on Poke Balls from the in-game store.

You will, of course, want plenty of ‘Mons to chuck those red and white balls at, but don’t worry, there’ll be plenty to go around for everyone. From the event’s start date until its end, encounter rates for Rock-type Pokemon will be boosted across the globe and that includes the rare Fossil Pokemon Omanyte, Kabuto and even the fearsome Aerodactyl. As was the case with a similar event held earlier this month for Grass-type critters, you can likely expect the boost to apply to all Rock-types, not just the ones specifically mentioned in the announcement.

In addition to all of the above, Buddy Pokemon will be on-hand to help out by finding Candies at four times the usual rate and a new wardrobe item – the Explorer’s Hat – will be available for free to all players who log in during the seven-day period.

Pokemon Go‘s Adventure Week comes to a close next week, May 25, so be sure to have at least one eye focused on your mobile device at all times, lest you miss out on nabbing those elusive rocky beasts!

Source: Niantic