Pokémon Red, Blue And Yellow Releasing For The 3DS In 2016


Fancy reliving some of your fondest gaming memories as a wee child? Well now you can, if you were a Pokémon fan, at least. Come February 27 next year, all three of the original Game Boy Pokémon games that started the ‘Gotta Catch ‘Em All’ craze will be available to download for the 3DS from the Nintendo eShop.

According to Nintendo, all three titles will feature the original Generation 1 graphics and audio, and you’ll even have the option to trade your Pocket Monsters wirelessly, using the 3DS’s built-in Wi-Fi.

Originally released back in 1996, Pokémon Red & Blue eventually went on to generate sales numbers of almost 10 million in the West, and their success prompted developer Game Freak to release a ‘Yellow Version‘ two years later that replaced the traditional three starter Pokémon of Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur with the iconic Pikachu instead.

The original games have never been re-released since, but they were updated in 2004 for the Game Boy Advance and renamed as Pokémon Fire Red & Leaf Green.

Nintendo have yet to announce a firm price point for the three titles, but you can be sure to expect more details to trickle out of Big N headquarters come early next year. Stay tuned for more.