Upcoming Pokémon Sleep App Turns Snoozing Into Entertainment

Pokemon Mobile

As expected, given the topic of next week’s Nintendo Direct, The Pokémon Company had nought to share concerning Pokémon Sword and Shield during its press conference in Tokyo yesterday. Revealed instead, was a line of brand new titles based on the franchise, some sequels to existing series‘, others totally bonkers concepts that completely subvert expectations of what a video game is meant to be. Case in point, Pokémon Sleep.

As an idea that’s sure to be derided from now until its release next year, Pokémon Sleep isn’t a disingenuous title by any stretch of the imagination – you’ll literally be training your squad while catching a few Zs, it seems. Had the reveal come closer to April, we’d have been right there with you in starting at the announcement with an incredulous look on our faces but no, it’s 100% true. See the official announcement for yourselves below.

Assuming you’ve not resorted to repeatedly pinching yourself to escape this dreamlike scenario, you probably want to know how you’ll be playing Pokémon Sleep if the goal is to be unconscious, right? Well, we’d like to know too, because sadly, no concrete details besides the above have been confirmed. What we do know, however, is that Pokémon Go developer Niantic has been involved somewhat in the development process alongside Pokémon: Magikarp Jump creator SelectButton.

The former studio’s contribution likely involves the Pokémon Go+ device that can be partnered with Sleep. The Poké Ball-shaped gadget is said to track various information on the way you snooze when placed on or near to the bed, the results of which will be sent directly to the app. How that will tie into gameplay is anyone’s guess, though as the announcement so rightfully points out, Pokémon Go managed to make the mundane act of walking entertaining; so why not sleep?