Pokemon Sun And Moon Players Need To Hatch Over 200,000 Eggs To Complete Latest Global Mission

One of the more notable additions Game Freak made to last year’s Pokemon Sun and Moon was the Global Mission feature. Having already received a great deal of praise for the online features it introduced with predecessors Pokemon X and Y, the developer took things one step further with the seventh generation entries in the franchise by getting all players to work together to complete a global objective.

Global Mission No.5 just recently kicked off, this time requiring Trainers to collectively hatch more then 200,000 eggs before the deadline is reached. That number may sound like an unrealistic goal to achieve, but considering the astronomical success of the 3DS duo of games in regards to both sales and critical reception, it should’t be too difficult for aspiring breeders to rack up a final tally that meets or even surpasses the 200,000 mark.

In order to participate in the mission, you’ll need to pay the Festival Plaza a visit and sign up, whereupon any eggs you hatch will then count towards the goal. For those not usually inclined to spend hours breeding ‘Mons to obtain the perfect specimen, you’ll want to head over to Paniola Ranch on Akala Island and leave a pair of compatible critters at the Pokemon Nursery. Checking back later, you should be presented with an egg to hatch. As a bonus tip, the lovable blob that is Ditto is able to breed with any Pokemon (excluding legendaries), so it might be a good idea to go catch one if you haven’t already.

As for rewards, all participants will be eligible to receive varying amounts of Festival Coins, with a bonus included if the goal is met in time. The event ends April 10, so don’t dawdle!