Pokemon Sun And Moon Demo Has Accidentally Leaked The Game’s Pokedex


The special demo for next month’s Pokemon Sun and Moon has arrived on the Nintendo eShop today, and along with providing fans with their first taste of what to expect come November 18, the files included with the download have revealed near-to all, if not the entirety, of the game’s Pokedex.

Despite The Pokemon Company’s best efforts to scrub the preview code of any and all spoilers, crafty data miners have wasted no time in pulling apart the demo files in the hopes of finding some stuff that the developer may have missed.

As it turns out, a treasure trove’s-worth of new content was discovered in the bowels of the demo, including the revelation that Sun & Moon‘s Pokedex will number a total of 800 Pokemon. What’s more, a handful of new Alolan forms were found for the likes of Meowth’s evolution Persian and the entirety of Geodude’s line. The leak seemingly confirms that only classic Pokemon from the original 151 have been given the makeover treatment.

Besides the above, the final evolutions of all three Starter Pokemon were found, as well as several never-before-seen critters. You can see a few images of the leaks below, but be warned, it’s spoilers galore from this point on.

Due to the extensive nature of the leaks, it’s unrealistic to detail everything that’s come to light here. Thankfully, YouTube user Kaphotics has been on data mining duties all morning and collating all of his discoveries into some handy videos, one of which you can see below.

Pokemon Sun and Moon hit 3DS on November 18.