Pokemon Sun & Moon Trailer Champions Battle Royal Multiplayer And New Pokemon


Nipping at the heels of the awe-inspiring – and long overdue – reveal of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, The Big N shifted gears to focus on Pokemon Sun and Moon during its Treehouse presentation. Included in the trailer above (via RabidRetrospectGames) is a new look at the RPG’s all-new Battle Royal multiplayer system and new Pokemon to collect. We’ll update this post if and when Nintendo rolls out the official snippet.

Due to launch in November for 3DS, the Big N offered an early peek at those Pocket Monsters in question, with Yungoos, Grubbin and Magearna each getting their time in the limelight. Pikipek is the last of the characters demonstrated in the gameplay snippet, and you can get an overview of each and their respective abilities, below.

  • Pikipek: Normal, Flying–Abilities: Keen Eye, Skill Link
  • Yungoos: Normal–Abilities: Stakeout, Strong Jaw
  • Grubbin: Bug–Ability: Swarm
  • Magearna: Steel, Fairy–Ability: Soul-Heart

Those monsters will be put to the test in Sun and Moon‘s all-new Battle Royal, a four player free-for-all mode that allows players to duke it out with three rival trainers – or, if you’re feeling particularly sneaky, gang up on one Pokemon in particular.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will launch for Nintendo 3DS on November 18. For the time being, have a gander at a handful of gameplay screens pulled from the Treehouse presentation, with Nintendo noting that the RPGs are yet to be finalized.