Log Into Pokemon Bank From March 4 To Get Three Free Legendary Pokemon


Nintendo’s holding a promotion for Pokemon Bank users, offering three legendary Pokemon for anyone who logs into the service from March 4 to October 31.

The three critters in question, Regirock, Regice and Registeel are mythical Pokemon from the Ruby & Sapphire series, and required the player to decipher Braille codes to obtain them originally, so if you want to Catch ‘Em All, you’d best take advantage of the offer.

Even if you already own all three, there’s another reason to get these particular versions: each one comes with their hidden ability, which can’t be found through normal gameplay.

All three of the beasts come at level 50, and their abilities are as follows:


  • Hidden Ability: Ice Body
  • Moves: Thunderbolt, Amnesia, Ice Beam and Hail


  • Hidden Ability: Sturdy
  • Moves: Explosion, Ice Punch, Stone Edge and Hammer Arm


  • Hidden Ability: Light Metal
  • Moves: Iron Head, Rock Slide, Gravity and Iron Defence

To retrieve all three, you need to use the Pokemon Link feature in Pokemon X & Y or Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire after logging into your Pokemon Bank account. Each of the three promotional Regi can only be obtained once, so make sure you don’t trade them away on a whim. This, along with the announcement of Pokemon Sun & Moon should be more than enough to get you back into catching and battling your way to victory.