Pokémon Go Getting 5th Anniversary Event And Deoxys Raids In July

Pokemon Go

Niantic is blowing out all the stops for Pokémon Go players next month.

The developer has a veritable feast of events and content updates planned throughout July, not least the mobile game’s annual ceremony. As was the case with last year’s iteration of the global celebration due to covid-19, no centralized venue will be used for the occasion, with all boosts, raids and other rewards available globally regardless of location. More specific details on that front will be provided in the lead-up to Go Fest’s start date, but until then, there’s plenty of other fixtures to get excited about.

From July 1st, Research Breakthroughs will grant encounters with Rufflet as well as a free Remote Raid Pass for each completion over the 30-day period. This will be complemented by a rotation of five-star raids on July 16th and the welcome return of Deoxys. The Gen III critter remains one of the franchise’s most powerful combatants and comes in four different, very distinct, forms. This time around, it’s the stalwart defense-forme Trainers will find holed up in their local gyms, ready and waiting to swat away any Poké Balls thrown its way.

In addition to all the above, July 3rd sees the return of Community Day, this time boosting the appearance rate of Gen V fire-type starter Tepig. As always, players will have an increased chance to find and catch a shiny version of the porcine fire-breather, so be sure to stock up on supplies ahead of the 24-hour period. Last but certainly not least, Niantic confirms that it has something special in store for Pokémon Go‘s 5th anniversary. Exactly what this will entail isn’t specified, though the studio recommends that fans log in from July 6th at 10 am local time to join the fun. More details for this one will be shared over the coming days.

Already earmarking the festivities you intend to participate in? Let us know which you’re most excited about in the usual place below!