Pokémon Go Adds A Ton Of Powerful New Shadow Pokémon


Pokémon Go players have renewed reason to take on Team Rocket today, thanks to a sizable new update to the hit mobile game.

Since its introduction last year, the villainous group has been terrorizing PokéStops around the world, stationing Grunts at any they can find in order to further the plans of their leader, Giovanni. The crime boss has since revealed himself in-game, of course, giving players who collect the necessary items the chance to battle him head-to-head, though even should you win, the kingpin will employ all manner of tricks to ensure a quick getaway.

It still remains to be seen, then, whether Niantic plans for Team Rocket to be a permanent fixture or if the unwanted guests will eventually see fit to flee, but even if the latter is true, it doesn’t appear as if they’ll be scampering anytime soon. Fresh reinforcements in the form of new Shadow Pokémon have started appearing in-game, some of which you can see pictured in the gallery below:

The full list of additions is as follows.

  • Pinsir
  • Beldum
  • Mawile
  • Bellsprout
  • Raikou

Nothing too crazy here, then, though as a Legendary ‘Mon, Raikou’s inclusion is certainly worth mentioning. As usual, either by defeating Grunts at PokéStops or defeating Giovanni’s lieutenants will you have a chance of encountering any of the above, which can only be caught by Premier Balls provided prior to the encounter. For those yet to score themselves a Shadow Pokémon (they’re no pushovers), you can check out our tips and tricks to help you along the way over here. Should you succeed, it’s time to purify the poor bugger – a process which bestows a number of lucrative benefits.

Fill your new companion’s belly with candy, and they could be a potential candidate for Pokémon Go‘s new competitive online battles. Good luck!

Source: Twitter