Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Leak Suggests Official Announcement Is Imminent

Pokemon diamond pearl

February is just around the corner and that means, among myriad other things, that a new Pokémon reveal is imminent.

While Game Freak has yet to announce anything of the sort, the developer has traditionally shared the first details of its latest project in winter’s final month, and several leaks have already surfaced to suggest that this year will be no different. As for what fans can expect to lay eyes upon during the presentation, we can’t say with any certainty, though remakes of Gen IV games Diamond & Pearl are essentially looking like a done deal at this point.

Following on from Centro Pokémon’s previous claims of having inside information, fellow fansite PokéXperto has discovered what appears to be an extensive list of internet domains all pertaining to the franchise, all of which were activated recently. One of these is labelled diamondpearl.pokemon.com and went live earlier this month, and you can check out the full list of registrations for yourself in the gallery below.

Irrefutable proof that the Sinnoh region is due to make its return in 2021? Definitely not, though we’re hard pushed to reach any other conclusion at this point. With only a few weeks to go, at most, though, until The Pokémon Company pulls back the curtain on its plans for the Gotta Catch ‘Em All craze’s big 25th anniversary celebrations, Trainers won’t have to wait long in order to learn the truth.

To pass the time until then, you can check out Centro’s aforementioned leak through here or, if you’d rather, learn about the recent sale of one of Pokémon‘s rarest trading cards for a whopping $360,000 over this way. And, as always, watch this space for more.