Pokémon Go Gen 5 Release Date Announced

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go players are on the cusp of celebrating the mobile game’s most ambitious event ever. For three weeks starting on September 2nd, a monstrous number of limited-time rewards and updates are scheduled to arrive, starting with some rather eggcellent bonuses. As per the developer’s updated blog post shedding more light on what Trainers are to expect during the period, Week 1 is dedicated entirely to the Johto Pokédex. Specifically, any eggs hatched until September 9th will have a chance of containing several different versions of the elusive Unown Pokémon.

In addition to that, legendary dogs Raikou, Entei and Suicune will return to raids, giving players further chances to secure each beast for their personal collections. Terrific bonuses in their own right, no doubt, but the treasure trove of content only gets sweeter from here on out.

Picking up directly where Week 1 ends, regional exclusive Pokémon Farfetch’d, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime and Tauros will ignore their usual territorial restrictions and start showing up in eggs across the globe. As an added bonus, the exceptionally lucky few among you will even have the chance of scoring an alternate color Shiny variant, so you better start training for some marathon-length walking sessions now.

Saving the best for last, Week 3 marks a very special occasion indeed. From September 16th-23rd, the first-ever Generation 5 Pokémon finally make their debut in Pokémon Go. What and how many specimens from the Unova region are intended to appear has yet to be announced, though Gen 5 Magnemite knock-off Klink is the first of its kind to be confirmed. The gear-shaped ‘Mon will only be obtainable via raids alongside Shiny Mewtwo.

And that’s a wrap. Admittedly, it’s strange indeed, that Niantic has chosen to introduce Gen 5 to Pokémon Go in such a limited manner, though we wouldn’t at all be surprised if the entirety of Unova’s Pokédex becomes widely available in the weeks to follow the conclusion of Ultra Bonus. Stay tuned for further developments.