Pokémon Go Halloween Event Start Date And Rewards Revealed

Pokemon Go

Halloween has traditionally been a busy time for Pokémon Go players and this year, it seems, isn’t going to be any different.

Developer Niantic has just revealed its plans for the spooky occasion in a recent post over on the mobile title’s official blog and, as usual, Trainers can expect to get their hands on a wide range of rewards, including XP, rare Pokémon and even extremely rare Shiny variants of existing creatures. The celebrations kick off next week, October 25th, and, in a wholly unsurprising twist, center around increased appearance rates of Ghost-type Pokémon.

One particular spirit, however, will be serving as the headline attraction of this event – Generation IV Ghost/Flying-type, Drifloon. While not exactly the rarest catch of all, increased sightings of the balloon Pokémon mean you’ll have a drastically better chance of grabbing a Shiny version, which can then be evolved into the more powerful Drifblim.

You’ll have just one day to capitalize on the above boosts as well as several others, including new Timed Research quests. Completing all the objectives offered here in the allotted time will reward an encounter with Ghost/Bug-type, Shedinja. Finally, completing event-exclusive Field Research tasks will not only provide further avenues to encounter Ghost-types, but gives folks the chance to earn rare Gengar Mega Energy which, if the name doesn’t already tell you, allows the popular Gen 1 critter to assume its Mega-evolved form. Game-wide bonuses, on the other hand, include additional capture XP with Nice, Great, Excellent and Curveball Throws.

Last but certainly not least, Niantic is teasing one final surprise over on social media in the form of Galarian Yamask. We’re still awaiting confirmation on how this newcomer to Pokémon Go‘s Pokédex will be obtained, but will let you know as soon as the situation changes, so stay tuned!