Pokémon Go Is Getting A Special Pikachu Based On An Iconic TCG Card


June may have been a relatively dry month for Pokémon Go in terms of new content and updates, but Niantic looks set to up the ante in July with two major events for the hit mobile title over the next 30 days, one of which you’ll likely have already heard about. Due to COVID-19, the developer’s yearly Go Fest – a real-world celebration of all things Pokémon – has been cancelled, to be replaced with an ambitious online-only festival boasting all sorts of rewards. One $14.99 digital ticket will get you access to the two-day event, which takes place from July 25th-26th.

Before that, however, Pokémon Go has a birthday to celebrate. Starting later this week, players who log in over the next seven days will be able to complete a set of limited-time Research Tasks to earn an encounter with the Gen V water/flying-type Ducklett, as well as the grand prize: Flying Pikachu. And thanks to the folks over at Pokémon GO Hub, we now know what the franchise’s iconic mascot will look like when he takes to the skies.

As many had suspected, this iteration of the character is based directly on an old (and extremely rare) Pokémon card originally printed by Wizards of the Coast back in 1997. You can compare the two for yourselves below:

Those unable to complete all of the time-sensitive challenges unlocked tomorrow can get their hands on Flying Pikachu through other means, including as wild encounters, as well as in raids. And yes, as always, you’ll have an absurdly small chance of encountering the promotional ‘Mon in its Shiny variant, so you’ll want to make sure to interact with each one you come across, even if you’ve no intention of catching the critter.

Pokémon Go‘s fourth-anniversary celebration event kicks off tomorrow, July 3rd, at 8 am (local time) and runs until 10 pm on July 8th. Good luck on your hunt!