Pokémon Sword And Shield Release Date Set For November 15th


The wait for any further news concerning Pokémon Sword and Shield has been excruciating, to say the least. Not since the Switch games’ initial announcement earlier this year, has developer Game Freak let slip any details surround the mysterious Galar region or the Pokémon that inhabit it, though today, the tables have turned. As part of a special Pokémon Direct presentation, a wealth of new gameplay footage was aired, much of which provided a breakdown of the new features Trainers can expect to encounter on during their travels.

That includes brand new mechanics such as Dynamax Battles, Raids and the return of roaming Pokémon, all of which we’ll be dissecting as the day progresses. As you’ll have guessed, however, the most important announcement of all, was the provision of an official release date. November 15th is when you’ll be wanting to book some vacation time off, regardless of your location – this is to be a worldwide release.

For a franchise with the global draw of Pokémon, it’s the right move for publisher Nintendo to make and ensures no newcomer to the Galar region gets left behind. It’s worth noting, too, that a special dual pack containing both games is scheduled to go up for pre-order in the near future. No price details for the bundle were mentioned, though it’s likely safe to assume that it’ll run with a lower price point than if you were to buy both individually.

That’s a wrap for now, then, but be sure to stay with us throughout the day, as we take a deep dive into all of the new gameplay elements you’ll be experiencing first-hand, come November.

Can’t wait until then? See the video below for your first peek at Pokémon Sword and Shield‘s larger-than-life Dynamax Battles. Enjoy!

Source: Pokémon