Pokémon Sword And Shield Reportedly Getting Third Expansion DLC

Pokemon Sword and Shield

Game Freak could be intending to further support Pokémon Sword and Shield with more content updates in the future.

The Switch exclusives, released back in 2019, have become the best-selling games in the franchise since 1999’s Gold & Silver, proof enough in itself that an appetite for more adventures in the Galar region exists out there. Whether or not the location – inspired by the UK – is due to receive another expansion following last year’s Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra has never been confirmed or denied, of course, but it seems, based on one old rumor, that the pair are still far from retirement.

The leak in question, surfacing early last year on message board 4chan prior to the confirmation of Sword and Shield‘s aforementioned DLC, consists of a user outlining several key releases scheduled to arrive in 2020 and beyond, including the recently announced Diamond & Pearl remakes. Alongside these, the anonymous individual specifically name-drops a third add-on for the series’ most recent installments, claiming that its contents will include the reintroduction of missing National Dex entries as well as add three brand new Mythical creatures.

A perfect track record so far it may be, but the validity of this one is absolutely worth questioning for numerous reasons. Perhaps the most glaring counter-argument of all is that were a DLC 3 truly in the works, an official announcement would almost certainly have taken place already, leading us to believe that the concept either never existed, or was canceled for reasons unknown. Project Kingin, on the other hand, which is specified to launch next year, could be referring to the code name for Pokémon Legends: Arceus, which is on course to land in 2022, but without any hard evidence, the only option is to write this off as little more than hearsay.

On the off-chance that anything changes, we’ll be sure to keep you posted. Until then, we’d recommend keeping expectations in check.