Pokémon X And Y Reveals Starter Evolutions, A New Mega Mewtwo And Team Flare Info

New Evolutions

The clock is winding down to the first global, simultaneous Pokémon release of all time, and Nintendo is periodically trickling out new Pokémon X and Y info to whip fans into a frenzy before October 12th. Today, the Pokémon Company and Nintendo revealed a fair slew of new stuff for Poké-fanatics to think about, including the evolutions of the game’s starter Pokémon, info about token antagonist organization Team Flare, and more.

Let’s begin with starter evolutions – here’s the breakdown.

First off is Chespin’s second form, Quilladin. A Pokémon that “uses its hardy shell to repel attacks and strike back with its pointed spines,” Quilladin can learn Mud Shot to lower the Speed stat of threatening Fire-types. Quilladin is considered to be a “gentle Pokémon that avoids battle.”

Next is Braixen, Fennekin’s evolved form. Braixen is a Fire-type that carries a tree branch in its tail, and “will occasionally wield the branch in battle and use friction to light it on fire.” Nice! Though I can’t help but wonder why it doesn’t just use Flamethrower to light the stick on fire instead of “friction.” Anyways, Braixen is apparently able to learn the Psychic-type move Psyshock, which unlike most Psychic-type attacks deals damage as if it were Physical, not Special. Handy.

Lastly, Froakie’s evolved form is Frogadier, and to put it simply, he looks amazing. Kind of snobby and threatening all at once – I like it. Frogadier “confounds opponents by leaping about the ceiling or into trees” during battle, and has been known to attack by “launching small stones wrapped in bubbles at opponents.” Also notable, Frogadier can learn Bounce, a Flying-type attack that will help fend off those pesky Grass-types.

Outside of the starter information overload, we also got some info about Team Flare. Dressed in “brilliant red suits,” these dudes seem to have an idealist, world-changing agenda they want to push, just like Team Plasma before them. No surprise, but at least Game Freak is changing things up with their look. They all have “different hairstyles and unique outfits,” so at least be thankful for that!

Team Flare

Finally, we’ve now learned that the Mega Mewtwo we’ve seen up to this point is one of two versions – an X version, and a Y version. Each version can be achieved depending on which Mega Stone Mewtwo holds, the Y version gaining a Special Attack boost and the X version developing a Fighting-type in concert with its existing Psychic powers. The Y evolution sounds way better to me (Mewtwo has always been about overwhelming Special Attack), but I’m sure both will be fun and have their advantages.

Phew… that’s quite a bit of info to swallow. What do you think of all the news? Let us know, and take it in quickly because I’m sure there will be much more revealed between now and the October 12th release date of Pokémon X and Y.