New Apex Legends Survey Reveals The Most Popular Guns


Apex Legends has continued to grab headlines for all the wrong reasons recently and it’s often easy to forget its strengths. With the folks responsible for celebrated shooter Titanfall and its sequel at the helm for 2019’s biggest addition to the battle royale genre, it comes as no surprise that Apex, at its core, has rock-solid gunplay. Rarely has criticism been aimed at the central gameplay component as in need of improvement beyond bug fixes and the like, though with new additions to the metagame few and far between, staleness has begun creeping in.

However, in the absence of Respawn providing players new tools with which to vanquish their foes, fans have taken to polling Kings Canyon regulars in regards to their weapon and gadget preferences. Reddit user CharlieBeaulieu’s efforts, in particular, represent the most in-depth sampling to date, their research even going so far as to provide a breakdown of Apex Legends‘ most popular weapons by category.

Check out the data porn for yourselves below:

Though Charlie notes that the data represents submissions just shy of 2000, the results nevertheless provide a general idea of which guns players should be on the lookout for while traversing Kings Canyon. Unsurprisingly, longtime favorites like the Wingman pistol and Longbow sniper rifle top their respective lists, though where the former is concerned, only 57% of voters named it their top pick. Whether that slim victory is a result of prior nerfs or the element of skill isn’t clear, though the latter’s importance can’t be stressed enough.

In the hands of a grizzled veteran, no top-tier weapon will guarantee victory and without practice, each is as useless as the rest. Ultimately, no objective list can ever be formed, though the consensus outlined above certainly leaves Respawn with some interesting data to consider.

Do the stats and facts above align with your own experiences in Apex Legends, though? Let us know your thoughts in the usual place below!