Popular iOS Game Fruit Ninja Detailed for Kinect

Kinect ninjas in training, fear not. The popular iOS and Windows Phone 7 game, Fruit Ninja, has been detailed for Microsoft’s Kinect peripheral. This means that all of the addictive fruit slicing gameplay will be available for play on a large screen in the near future. The leaked news comes via SiliconEra, who noticed that the Korean Game Ratings Board has listed a game named, Fruit Ninja Kinect.

Unless someone is trying to steal the game’s popular name, which is unlikely, it seems like Halfbrick’s slash-filled IP will be available soon for those of us who don’t own the aforementioned touchscreen devices. It’s likely because Halfbrick previously released two games on Microsoft’s XBOX Live Marketplace service: Raskulls and Echoes.

It’ll be interesting to see how the game makes the transition from the touchscreen devices to Kinect, because it requires very precise controls. Its basic formula tasks players with swiping across the screen to slash different types of fruit in half as they fly up in the air, while avoiding harmful objects that stop combos from forming.