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A Popular Marvel Villain Could Be Coming To Fortnite Very Soon

Fortnite creative director Donald Mustard has teased a future appearance from a Marvel villain who's quite popular with fans.


As any Fortnite fan who’s spent time in-game over the last month or so can attest to, Season 4’s so-called Nexus War story arc is the battle royale’s most ambitious yet in terms of crossovers. Various heroes from Marvel’s extensive character library have shown up on Apollo Island in the past, but this time around, the comic book giant has woven its very own fictional continuity into Epic’s phenomenally successful title, with big bad supervillain Galactus serving as the linchpin tying everything together.

As the latest in a long line of the world devourer’s reluctant heralds, Thor has taken it upon himself to enlist help in the fight against his master. While an outcome on that front has yet to be decided, one can only assume that Apollo Island’s native population (that’s you) will succeed in the defense effort and send Galactus back to where he came from. Whatever the conclusion, though, Season 4 certainly won’t be the last time that fans are forced to face a world-ending threat hailing from Marvel’s universe.

According to teasers provided by Fortnite creative director Donald Mustard, in fact, one villain likely to show interest in paying Apollo Island a visit is MODOK. Speaking on the latest episode of This Week In Marvel, Mustard said, in response to queries of a potential crossover: “If MODOK learned that there is a slice of reality where Fortnite exists, he would be very interested in what is going on there, and maybe there is a way that he plays into that at some point.”

These comments don’t exactly serve to reflect Epic’s future plans, of course, but we’d be surprised if George Tarleton’s alter ego didn’t make an appearance at one point or another. As the primary antagonist of Crystal Dynamics’ own Marvel’s Avengers, now would be the perfect time to capitalize on MODOK’s newfound popularity, after all.

But what do you think? Should Epic give Fortnite a break from Marvel with Season 5 next month, or should they double down with the superhero theme? Share your thoughts down below!

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