Portal 2 DLC #1 Announced: More Single Player & Multiplayer Content

It was officially announced today that Valve is working hard on the first DLC pack for their recently released smash hit, Portal 2. They are targeting a summer release and the new DLC pack will be free of charge for the PS3, XBOX 360, PC and Mac versions of the game. It will include new test chambers, a separate challenge mode, leaderboards and more. The content will be split over each of the game’s single player and multiplayer game modes.

Since its release on April 19, Portal 2 has seen average review scores of 95% on Metacritic. Additionally, it became the top selling video game on U.K., Nordic and German charts. This has made it the fastest selling Valve game since Half-Life 2. And the game does deserve all the praise and sales that it’s garnering. It is brilliantly made and one of 2011’s top games. I don’t know about you but I for one can’t wait for the DLC.

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