Portal 2 Downloadable Content Pack One Release Window Confirmed

The good news is that Valve‘s previously confirmed DLC for Portal 2 has not been delayed. The bad news however, is the fact that it means you’ll have more trials to endure with the potential of a terrifying grisly defeat. Then again, that’s the fun in running GlaDOS’ trials, isn’t it?

When it announced the existence of the first downloadable pack for its very popular first-person puzzle game, Valve mentioned a “summer” release window for the content pack. That hasn’t changed, although many may have wondered if there was a delay incoming due to a recent lack of news. It’s not the case however, as we will be seeing the pack pop up on our favourite online marketplaces in mid-September, which is near the end of the summer launch window.

During an interview with Kotaku at Gamescom, Doug Lombardi (the marketing director at Valve), mentioned that the downloadable content will in fact be releasing during the mid portion of our next calendar month. It is set to include new maps, leaderboards and challenge modes. He mentioned that September is “still technically summer”.

Those who have been eagerly anticipating more news regarding this DLC certainly cannot complain, considering it’s going to be free.

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