Portal 2 DLC Arriving Sometime This Summer

If there’s one thing Valve has taught us from playing through their games, it’s that more is always required. Waiting an exhausting amount of time for Half Life 2: Episode 3 seems hopeless at this point, but there is good new for Portal 2 fans out there. By now most people who own it have blasted through the single player like a train without brakes, and are enjoying what the co-op mode has to offer (hopefully playing with someone who’s not a complete idiot).

A recent interview with Valve VP of marketing Doug Lombardi revealed plans for DLC. Lombardi talked about the success of Portal 2 and upcoming additions to the game. He stated, “we will be announcing some DLC for it, so folks can keep a look out for more content coming this summer.”

Lombardi says that more details revolving around the content will be presented “in a week or so,” in the form of either videos or comics. This is outstanding news for fans of the game who just purchased it, hoping for future DLC that would help keep their copy of Portal 2 from collecting dust by being unused. It’s officially coming, so now it’s time to wait and pray for the best that Valve has to offer. And judging from their past, they know how to handle downloadable content. Hopefully it will be in the form of new co-op maps or an additional campaign with a side story. Only time will tell.