Postal Redux Releases On PC May 20, PlayStation 4 Version To Follow Later


Postal Redux, a remastered version of Postal released in 1997 launches on PC on May 20, developer Running With Scissors has announced. The original – a 3D isometric shooter – sparked controversy 19 years ago for its violence and gore and centred around a player character who “goes postal” after being evicted from his home and embarks on a killing spree. Fun fact: the game is the inspiration for Uwe Boll’s film of the same name – considered to be one of the worst ever made.

Besides the high-definition treatment being given to the remaster, Running With Scissors says that this spruced up version will feature a new score-attack mode called Rampage, which aims to give players more replay value.

With the new powerful addition of Rampage, POSTAL fans will go wild. The outrageous single-player game play mode rewards an aggressive style of play by increasing a multiplier for each consecutive kill in a streak. Players will receive a score and letter grade following the completion of each level. Rampage Mode will incentivize gamers to replay levels using different strategies to increase their score. Players will be able to compete with their friends for the highest scores on Steam. Rampage gives gamers endless hours of fun, with its addictive and replayable gameplay.

In addition to Rampage, new stages including The Carnival have been created, and Running With Scissors is also promising a new final stage. The post concludes by including a thank you message from studio founder Vince Desi for all the support fans have given the developer over almost two decades.

19 years ago, we had no clue of the impact that POSTAL would have on society and gaming history. On behalf of everyone at RWS we give thanks for the many years of support.

Mac and SteamOS versions of Postal Redux are due shortly after the PC release, with the PlayStation 4 edition slated for a Q4 arrival.