Every Powerful New Attack Confirmed For Pokémon Sword And Shield

Pokémon Sword And Shield

The Pokémon Company continues to drop additional details for Sword and Shield by the boatload and still, it feels as if we’ve only scratched the surface of what to expect come November. As each subsequent trailer for the pair arrives, it seems as if Game Freak is piling on one new feature after another in an attempt to make the best of its debut on Nintendo Switch.

We’ve mostly covered the deluge of new details included in this week’s latest info dump, but there still remains one easy-to-overlook addition ripe for discussion. As is to be expected, each new Pokémon Generation brings with it not only a horde of new critters to catch but eye-popping attacks, too.

In the competitive scene especially, any new ability or special move is regarded with excitement. Especially so, when they have unique or exclusive properties. Without a doubt, we’ve seen but a fraction of the new TMs being added in Sword and Shield, but here’s the full list as it currently stands.

Aura Wheel

  • Type: Electric/Dark
  • Applicable Pokémon: exclusive to Morpeko
  • Notes: Causes Morpeko to change between Full Belly/Hangry modes

Branch Poke

  • Type: Grass
  • Applicable Pokémon: exclusive to Grookey
  • Notes: Grookey uses its stick to slap the opponent. Deals physical damage

Exhaustive Beam

  • Type: Steel
  • Applicable Pokémon: Duraludon
  • Notes: Deals a static 140 damage and reduces the user’s HP by 50%.


  • Type: TBA
  • Applicable Pokémon: Obstagoon
  • Notes: Taunts target Pokémon, forcing it to attack Obstagoon instead of a teammate.

That’s your lot for now but we’ll keep this list updated as and when Game Freak decides to show more. Until then, feel free to let us know in the comments below your current impressions of Pokémon Sword and Shield‘s new features and what, if any, other improvements and additions you’d like to see.