Predator: Hunting Grounds Update Adds New Modes And Characters

Predator: Hunting Ground

Predator: Hunting Grounds developer IllFonic has just pushed out a massive update aimed at breathing some new life into its asymmetrical multiplayer title.

Without beating around the bush, first up is the so-called Valkyrie Predator. This new addition to the Yautja’s ranks looks decidedly more ancient in appearance, though that’s not to say it doesn’t have access to some incredibly efficient killing tools. As is with the case with most large content drops of this nature, you’ll have to pay for the ability to take the Valkyrie into battle, though the entry fee is definitely worth it.

Sporting a two-handed hammer – an interpretation of Odin’s armory – as well as protective armor heavily inspired by Norse mythology, this neat spin on the extraterrestrial race is described by the developer as a “hit and run character,” meaning the most efficient way to pilot them will be to time your ambushes perfectly and then retreat into the jungle without alerting a soul.

In addition to the above, a batch of free content is also available in the form of Custom Private matches. Here, players are able to individually tweak various modifiers, including those not found in standard playlists. Gameplay lead Lucas Pederson reveals over on the PlayStation Blog that some of these include a comical Big Head Mode reminiscent of classic cheat codes found in old shooters as well as a “Floor is Lava” option. As the name suggests, using this rule will make the ground immediately fatal to any Predator who sets foot on it.

As for the future ahead, Pederson says the team has other improvements coming, including customizable Field Lockers as well as more classes, so stay tuned for further details.

Predator: Hunting Grounds is available now for PlayStation 4 and PC.