Pre-Order Dead Island And Get Free Bloodbath DLC

It was announced today that Deep Silver’s much talked about zombie beach resort simulator, Dead Island, will receive a special edition. Those who pre-order the game will secure ownership of a copy of this version of the game, but those who buy the first run at GameStop should also receive it. The best perk? You’ll get a code to unlock its first DLC; Bloodbath challenge mode.

Releasing for a ten dollar fee (shortly after launch) for those unlucky souls who won’t get the special edition of the game, Bloodbath is a four arena challenge mode that is playable in both single player and multiplayer. It features full leaderboard support, with experience points that will transfer over to your single player vacation.

Also included in the special edition’s extra cool box will be a blueprint for a weapon known as ‘the Ripper.’ A mix between a baseball bat and a buzz saw, it’s a weapon you’re surely going to want to have in your arsenal. It’ll come in handy when you split those brain eaters’ heads open. Your friends will be envious because it’s a mixture that can only be made using the special edition disc – though late adopters are in luck considering their friends can send the weapon to them through in-game channels.

Run to your local video game retailer to put your hard earned money down, so that you can secure yourself a copy of the Dead Island: Special Edition. Quantities will be limited, so it’s a case of first come, first served.

Dead Island will be available this August on your friendly PC, XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3. Look for it at E3 this upcoming week.

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