Prepare For Some “Big” Dark Souls News Coming Tomorrow


Even with Dark Souls 3‘s release date now mere days away, it seems that the team behind the series aren’t ready to slow the hype train just yet. Today, its publishers – Bandai Namco – have posted a mysterious, teasing Tweet to keep fans on the hook for more new information before the game drops on April 12th.

The Tweet promises that there will be “big news” concerning Dark Souls coming tomorrow, April 8th. Most interesting about this, however, is that the Tweet doesn’t actually specify if this news will concern the imminent Dark Souls 3. Naturally the rumour mills are spinning fiercely with speculation as to what the update will concern.

Many fans are hoping that the announcement will shed some light on the recently confirmed expansion packs set for Dark Souls 3 following the reveal of a $24.99 Season Pass. There is, however the distinct possibility that the announcement will be entirely unrelated, with some suggesting it may not even be a gaming related update.

Fortunately we won’t have to wait long to find out, as Bandai Namco will be bringing their latest Dark Souls news to us tomorrow.