Prey Demo Slated For Late April Release On Consoles


Publisher Bethesda has confirmed plans to launch a Prey demo for PS4 and Xbox One on April 27th, but there’s no mention of PC as yet.

Designed to give you an early taste of the horrors lurking aboard Talos I, the space station on which Arkane’s long-anticipated title takes place, the early trial will allow budding users to play through the opening hour of Prey, which will no doubt introduce the alien Typhon menace that’s wreaking havoc on the vessel. Drawing comparisons to Dead Space and, to a lesser extent, BioShock, Prey takes place in an alternate timeline in which John F. Kennedy survived the assassination attempt of ’63. Galvanized by a new perspective on life, JFK pushes humanity deeper into the cosmos with a newfound space program, though this galactic noise invokes an alien force known as the Typhon. And it’s at this point the shit begins to hurl toward the fan.

Below, you’ll get a better sense of what to expect from the upcoming demo. Bethesda notes that this early build is console exclusive, which isn’t all that surprising when you consider that the dev team at Arkane is likely still gauging the technical specifications required for the PC version.

Morgan Yu is about to have a very bad day. Aliens have escaped containment, dead bodies now litter the hallways of the Talos I space station, survivors are huddled together for safety, and the Typhon aliens are threatening to destroy everything you hold dear. As Morgan, you’ll have to fight the invasion in order to save humanity. But it all begins with what should have been a typical first day on the job for Morgan. And now you can experience the game’s thrilling first hour in the console-exclusive demo for Prey.

Prey launches on to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on May 5th. Meanwhile, the latter two platforms will receive that aforementioned trial on April 27th.