Prey’s Latest Trailer Pegs Release Date For May 5, Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed


The latest trailer for Arkane Studios’ upcoming shooter Prey has just dropped, and besides providing the best look yet at the horrors that await players on board the Talos I space station, a release date has been slipped in, too.

Pegged for a worldwide launch on May 5 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, the spiritual successor to the original game of the same name found itself floundering in development hell for a number of years as a numbered sequel under the guidance of Human Head Studios before being scrapped entirely. The title made a grand comeback at last year’s E3 though, albeit under a drastically different guise and under the care of Dishonored 2 developer Arkane. Despite its tumultuous history, Prey has us extremely excited to explore its world in the spring, its gameplay and structure looking remarkably similar to the likes of Alien: Isolation and the 2K’s BioShock series.


Along with the above, Bethesda also confirmed that pre-orders are now open, with those doing so getting access to the Cosmonaut Shotgun Pack. A plan for the Margrave Shotgun, two medkits, Starter Fabrication materials (presumably used for crafting purposes) and a collection of Transtar Neuromods are included in the bundle, which aims to give players a helping hand in their first few moments aboard the alien-infested Talos I.

We’re admittedly quite surprised that Prey‘s release date is so soon, what with it having only been officially unveiled last year, but we won’t complain. Let’s just hope that the few trailers released since then don’t ultimately end up hurting its sales due to a lack of publicity.

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