Prison Architect Will Get Simultaneous Releases For PS4 And Xbox One


Sold Out Sales & Marketing Limited have announced the release of Prison Architect for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, in partnership with Double 11. Releasing in 2016, Prison Architect will be available simultaneously at retail and through digital channels.

Prison Architect has already proven to be a success with PC players, having seen over a million downloads of the game for the platform. Now the sights are set on converting the console crowd, as well, and the quirky construction and management sim will arrive at some point this year.

Garry Williams, CEO of Sold Out, spoke about how impressively the game is being moved to console systems by Double 11:

Double 11 has done a fantastic job of taking Introversion’s sales behemoth on PC, and crafted the perfect Prison Architect experience for consoles. With a game that is now specifically designed for console gamers, Sold Out is poised to hit the same record breaking sales with the retail console release, originally generated on PC.

No confirmed release date is available for the title just yet, but we’ll bring you more on the console iterations of Prison Architect as it comes to us.

Source: Games Press

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