Retro-Inspired Strategy Title The Escapists Headed To PS4


After PEGI effectively cocked a few ears by listing retro-inspired strategy title The Escapists for a release on PlayStation 4, publisher Team 17 has confirmed the port in a statement to Eurogamer, stating that it will arrive on Sony’s current-gen platform “very soon.”

Built by independent developer Mouldy Toof, The Escapists takes place, as you would imagine, in a prison. As one of the inmates facing an inexplicably long sentence, players will soon try to weasel their way out of the confinement by any means necessary. To do this, you’ll have to pay close attention to the guards’ timetable, the environment around you, and your fellow prisoners, but the studio’s low-key project will also offer you the chance to craft weapons and various items to cover your tracks.

No word yet on whether Team 17 or Mouldy Toof have any plans for a PlayStation Vita version, though it seems likely that both parties want to gauge audience demand before committing to a port to Sony’s handheld.

In our own review of the game, we praised The Escapists for its minimalist, yet challenging design. Expect more news relating to that aforementioned PS4 port in the not-so-distant future.

The Escapists has such an easy method of play as it doesn’t depend on skilful keyboard or mouse dexterity. In fact, its simplicity is what also gives it its complexity, because by playing it safe with the controls, Team 17 can concentrate on making you think way ahead about your moves and put you in the position of a pixelated villain who’s looking to make his escape.