The Problem Of Malaria Has Been Cured In Far Cry 3


The fact that your character was afflicted with malaria in Far Cry 2 became more than an occasional, somewhat irritating visual effect. It was the basis of many of your interactions and drove the plot to a rather substantial degree. It has now been revealed, amongst other details, that this malarial mechanic has been cured for Far Cry 3.

Speaking with Kotaku, Far Cry 3‘s producer Dan Hay revealed the following details about the third in the franchise:

  • The friend system isn’t back.
  • Fire propagation is back.
  • A fast-travel system has been implemented.
  • People stay dead so when you “own an area, you own the area.”
  • Guns will no longer rust.
  • No malaria-pills required.
  • The game’s map is an archipelago so, the single-player campaign is on one island; the four-player co-op on another; the PvP is on yet another.
  • The in-game editor lets you build you own islands and maps.

Whilst it is certainly good to know that the instantly respawning guard posts will no longer be the bane of every wrong turn, some of these reveals are actually rather disappointing. For me, the rusting weapons were an added bit of realism that defined the second in the series – sure it could be frustrating, but that was the point and the game was all the richer for including it. The friend system was also an appreciated, if somewhat poorly executed, element. Though I suppose those of us seeking companionship will be able to find it in the co-op campaign.

Getting rid of malaria is an unsurprising but nonetheless welcomed decision. It worked relatively well in Far Cry 2 as it was something different, but my interest in it waned towards the end of the game and its inclusion in Far Cry 3 would have been rather frustrating.

Releasing three months later than originally planned, Far Cry 3 will be available for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 on December 4.

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