Project Cars 2 Announced Via New Crowdfunding Campaign


Barely 8 weeks have passed since the release of the original, but Slightly Mad Studios has already announced development on Project Cars 2 via an all-new crowd-funding campaign. Stop us if you’ve heard this before.

While no funding goal has been set, various tiers range from $45 all the way up to $11,0000 over on the World of Mass Development portal. Promising the “largest track roster ever” and a wealth of new features, Slightly Mad wants to continue the series following the original’s success. How and ever, the studio remains committed to Project Cars moving forward.

Over the next year, players will see Project CARS grow, evolve, and continue to be updated regularly throughout 2015 and beyond via our ON DEMAND programme. But additionally, planning and work will now begin on the continuation of the franchise with PROJECT CARS 2 that contains substantial features and content deserving of a fully-fledged sequel.

What exactly this means for the AWOL Wii U version remains to be seen, but early reactions to the announcement of the sequel have not been particularly positive, with many fans pointing to the numerous bugs and issues that still need ironed out in the original racing sim before resources are redistributed to Project Cars 2.

As such, it’s understandable the supporters of the original title have vented their frustration that the studio is asking for more revenue so soon after launch. How exactly this pans out over the coming weeks will ultimately be revealed in time. According to the WMD portal, Project Cars 2 will race onto PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Steam OS – whenever that may be.