Project Cars Hit With Another Delay, Slightly Mad Studios’ Racer Now Slated For April



Slightly Mad Studios may have already postponed its Kickstarter-funded racer by a full five months, but today brings news that the studio has begrudgingly delayed Project Cars once again, meaning that the title is now slated for release on April 2nd and April 7th in Europe and North America, respectively.

Though fans will no doubt be disappointed by this announcement, the company made it explicitly clear that this was not a decision it took lightly. In a statement, Slightly Mad Studios’ head honcho Ian Bell attributed this most recent delay “to final adjustments [still to be made] in the game, that are required to provide to the fans with the best gaming experience they could have.”

Additionally, Bell also went on to describe how the extended development window will allow Project Cars to be the best racer it can possibly be, and not succumb to day-one issues that have become a common pitfall in the industry of late.

Moving a release date was not an easy decision to make, as we know our fans are eager to get their hands-on on Project CARS. But we know that these extra days will allow us to provide the best game experience that our fans deserve. We assure you the wait will be worth it when the game does arrive early April.

Initially slated to debut on March 17th, Slightly Mad Studios’ racer will now avoid competing with some other industry heavy-hitters that happen to releasing on the same date, with the most prominent of the bunch being Visceral Games’ Battlefield Hardline.

But what do you make of Project Cars latest postponement? Indeed, have you felt your excitement for the title wane in the time that has passed? Give us your thoughts below.

Source: Bandai Namco

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