Project P-100 Renamed The Wonderful 101, New Trailer And Screenshots

Back at E3 Nintendo did their best to avoid drawing any attention to one of the best reasons to be excited for the Wii U, a little game called Project P-100. At their Wii U press event yesterday The Big N finally put Platinum Games’ title center stage, revealing that the game has been renamed The Wonderful 101.

For those that have not been keeping up with the title, The Wonderful 101 is a little bit like a cross between Pikmin and Costume Quest, with a Viewtiful Joe art style. Players control a group of superheroes who can transform into larger weapons to fight off an invading alien force, and rescue large groups of survivors.

The entire game has a great lighthearted feel to it, and just looks like a ton of wacky fun.

Check out The Wonderful 101‘s new trailer below, along with some new screenshots in our gallery.

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