Project P-100 Is A Wii U Exclusive You Should Be Excited For

This boggles my mind. We had time to show off the WIIU’s capability to be a karaoke machine while games such as Project P-100 go largely ignored. I’m sure this will be a topic of contention for quite a bit, and I promise we’ll have more to say on that in the upcoming days but for now let’s focus on what we’re all here for, the games.

Project P-100 is the working title of a new Wii U title from Platinum Games, the developer best known for titles such as Vanquish and Bayonetta. As with most titles shown at E3, there’s not a whole lot of meat on the bones, but from what we can tell is that game will play out as an amalgamation of sorts of Pikmin and Viewtiful Joe, and that excites me in a way that would probably be deemed illegal in North Carolina. Players will use the GamePad touch screen to round up citizens to help them fight off an alien force by a series of transformations. The trailer highlights giant fists to pull cargo boxes, gelatin blobs to reflect projectiles and swords… hit people with.

Project P-100 will be available when the Wii U launches. Stay tuned to We Got This Covered as we pay close attention to this title.