Is Capcom’s Project Resistance Actually Resident Evil: Outbreak 3?

Resident Evil Outbreak

As you may recall, word got out earlier this month that Capcom has indeed been working on a new game in the Resident Evil series, and had even hired play-testers to help fine-tune the experience. Because of that, we all began wondering if the gestating project was either Resident Evil 8, a remake of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis or even Resident Evil: Revelations 3 (I wouldn’t mind hearing more from Moira Burton’s pottymouth if that one panned out).

Well, if the handful of screenshots that leaked earlier today were any indicator, then the answer is “none of the above.” Actually, we can’t entirely rule out this mysterious game being Resident Evil 8, though it’s highly doubtful that a four-player co-op setup is being utilized for the next entry into the mainline series.

Instead, we must consider that this “Project Resistance” may actually be the long-awaited Resident Evil: Outbreak 3. For those unfamiliar, the two Outbreak spinoffs were released on Playstation 2 in North America in 2004 and 2005, respectively, and garnered quite the cult following. As you probably guessed, they followed the exploits of a ragtag group of citizens trying to survive the horror that was the Raccoon City incident.

Although none of the characters pictured in the gallery were anyone familiar to the Outbreak brand, the concept seemingly holds true. Lovers of those offshoots have been clamoring for HD upgrades or remakes for some time, but a threequel undoubtedly trumps either of those options. Just imagine playing through something as intense as the Resident Evil 2 remake – only your buddies can join you for the ride.

Speaking of which, Mr. X did factor into past Outbreak scenarios, so it would be opportunistic of Capcom to include him in this game. If so, then expect from the sharply dressed Tyrant to light up social media once again.

If not Outbreak 3, then it’s probably safe to say “Project Resistance” is something comparable to the concept. I’ll probably wind up crying if we receive something along the lines of Operation Raccoon City or Umbrella Corps, so fingers remain crossed that doesn’t happen.

Tell us, do you think “Project Resistance” is, in fact, Resident Evil: Outbreak 3? Or do you suspect it’s an entirely different beast? Feel free to share your ideas in the comments section below!