Project Scorpio Reveal Locked In For April 6

Microsoft will finally pull back the curtain on its upcoming Project Scorpio, the upgraded Xbox One console first announced at last year’s E3, this week. Whispers have been circulating for a while suggesting that the software giant had been planning such an event, although official confirmation comes today by way of Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry. The tweet, which you can see below, confirms that the site will have an “exclusive Xbox Scorpio reveal” on Eurogamer this Thursday, April 6 at 6 am PST/9 am EST/2 pm BST.

Given that the Scorpio is expected to take center stage in Microsoft’s presser at this year’s E3, it’s probably safe to assume that some details, such as release date and price, will be reserved for that occasion, but we’ll nonetheless know more about the device later this week than we do now, which isn’t a lot. Xbox boss Phil Spencer has only let slip a few clues as to the Scorpio’s specifics since its announcement, having stated previously that, while it’s primed to be the most powerful console ever built, it’ll stick to a “console price-point” and won’t be aiming to compete with the high-end PC market.

Boasting six teraflops of computing power and native 4K resolution support, the Scorpio will also be compatible with VR devices and, assuming comments made previously to Polygon by Microsoft’s Albert Penello hold true, it will be noticeably more powerful than Sony’s PS4 Pro. In regards to sheer technical capabilities, Penello said that the disparity between the two consoles would be “obvious.”

Bold words, to be sure, but we’ll have to wait just a couple more days for Microsoft to show more of its hand. Roll on Thursday.