Project Scorpio Will Improve Performance Of Some Xbox One Games


Head of Xbox Division Phil Spencer has said that the upcoming Project Scorpio will give a performance boost to some of their older titles, as any Xbox One game that utilizes dynamic scaling will run better on the souped-up console.

For those not in the know, dynamic scaling is a process developers use to maintain a consistent frame rate during the crazier moments of play. Modern titles tend to strive for 60 frames per second, but when things get chaotic, the hardware can have trouble rendering everything onscreen. In order to keep the game running at 60fps, the resolution must be lowered. Project Scorpio, on the other hand, will be able to render images at their original resolution without suffering from a frame rate drop.

Spencer specifically mentioned Halo 5 as an example that incorporated dynamic scaling, but of course, the list of games that will benefit from Project Scorpio includes countless others. Whether you’re playing The Division or The Witcher 3, you can expect to see improvements.

Some gamers may not notice a difference between 30fps from 60fps, nor are they likely to catch a drop in resolution in the middle of a firefight. But sharp-eyed players should appreciate the performance consistency that Project Scorpio will bring to some of their old favorites.

Source: Geeks ULTD