Prototype 2 Trailer Shows Off Visceral Tendril Powers

The biggest selling point for Radical Entertainment’s smash-fest, Prototype was its penchant for visceral destruction and over-the-top mayhem. With Prototype 2, the development team has gone a couple extra miles to multiply its destruction to reach new heights.

Highlighted by the latest trailer are the game’s new tendril powers, as well as the ability to rip enemies apart with your ‘bare’ hands. Most of the video shows how the tendrils work to rip enemies limbs away from one another, eventually stringing them up in a spiderweb fashion. However, there’s also some footage showing how you can use the powers against mechanized enemies like attack helicopters.

To be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of the first game. I found that it was too interested in destruction and felt that the core gameplay mechanics involved in the story were put on the back burner a bit. The missions themselves were very formulaic and didn’t have the promised shock value, which was somewhat visible in the main character’s destructive powers. Frankly, it got a bit boring after a little while.

Hopefully with Prototype 2, the visceral destruction and dismemberment will be accompanied by some interesting campaign structures.

Are you looking forward to the game?

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