Prototype: Biohazard Bundle Gets Quietly Released For Xbox One


Of all the games that count themselves as part of the Xbox 360’s extensive back catalogue, Prototype 1 and 2 are probably two games that you’d expect to see pretty damn far down such a list. And yet, here we are, telling you that both titles have now been officially released digitally on the Xbox One store as part of the Biohazard bundle.

In addition to receiving both games, you’ll also get access to a pretty sizeable amount of DLC that was originally released alongside both titles. The entire pack is available for $50, so whether or not you consider the price tag acceptable is probably going to be based on how much fun you had with these games when they were initially released.

Either way, Prototype 1 and 2’s re-release is a little bizarre in almost every way. There’s been little to no publicity for the digital bundle, and it’s highly unlikely that their appearance is part of an effort to get people excited for a potential Prototype 3. After all, the studio that developed the first two titles, Radical Entertainment, shut down shortly after the release of Prototype 2. The fact that Microsoft recently announced that the Xbox One will be made backwards compatible makes the news even more bizarre.

Oh well, we can’t complain. Both Prototype games were actually pretty well-received when they launched. But what do you think? Are you going to pick up the Biohazard bundle? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: VG247